Article Rewriter Spinner Tools & Softwares

Article spinning refers to the process of twisting an article to create a new version which will have almost the same meaning but with different words. The idea of content spinning is to make the article look unique in an attempt to be safe from facing a penalty for duplicate content on Search Engine Result Page of Google.

This process can either be done with the help of an automatic spinning software or manually, for producing multiple versions of the original content by changing sentence with same meaning to avoid plagiarism. While the idea of article spinning gives way for article generation with ease, it also has several drawbacks attached to it.

If you search the best article rewriter tools on Google, you will get an endless list of them displayed on the screen. Not all of them deliver the best results. While most of them are paid tools, some are available as open source.

The functions and features of some of the best article spinners, content rewriting tools and online paraphrasing tools are listed below.


WordAI is different from any other content spinner as it spins the entire content including sentences, phrases, paragraphs and not just words. This provides your content with a grammatical stability. This is possible because WordAI is programmed to understand the basics of sentences and the concept of structuring them which makes their content very unique. The function is embedded with artificial intelligence in order to support the task in the best way possible. WordAI also learns through experience and hence it is continuously evolving to produce better content every day.


WordAI understands how words interact with each other which makes the sentence structure even better than any other content spinner.

This article spinner completely rewrites your sentences and produce a unique content with a concrete structure and hence it cannot be detected by Google and blocked for plagiarism.

It’s artificial intelligence embedded system allows it to rephrase synonymous sentences, indistinguishable from a human’s work. Hence the resulting contents are assured to be of high quality.

It can also differentiate the usage of words that have the same meaning and insert or replace them appropriately. Hence the meaning of the sentence is not tarnished even by a fractional percentage.

Spin Rewriter

This is an online content rewriting tool which was released by the SmileyTech solutions in the year 2011. This is one of the smart spinning tools with a lot of advanced features. The spin Rewriter is capable of replacing the words and sentences with other synonymous elements and ensures that the resulting is always a uniquely obtained result.


You can make the content to look like it had a human’s manual intervention while writing it. As a result, the content doesn’t seem vaguely automated.

It uses the ENL semantic spinning, which enables the system to understand the meaning and the interaction between words in a sentence and because of this spinning system, the spin Rewriter is able to produce high-quality contents.

It also has the most attractive purchase package which comes with a 5-day trial and a 30-day money-back deal if you are not satisfied with the performance. Hence you do not have to worry about wasting your money.


This is one of the best article spinners available on the internet. It is very popular because of the free version with limited features as it gives the user a first-hand experience of the services that the SpinnerChief promises to offer. You can get the access to these features and get an article spun within a matter of seconds.  Its features are listed below.


This is one of the fastest content spinning tools on the internet and its specific replacing and auto spin system take the processing at greater speeds.

It has a variety of versions which offers different kinds of services and limitations. SpinnerChief 5 is the latest of them all and it has the cloud thesaurus and the auto-grammar fix.

A cloud-based thesaurus is a collective dictionary which gets data and synonyms from all of the SpinnerChief users (over 200,000). They add their words and synonyms to this cloud-based interface and it is made available to other users.

This spin tool supports over 20 languages which makes it easy to spin contents from any country and region.

Much like other tools, SpinnerChief also employs Natural Language Analysis and Artificial Intelligence in order to make the system understand the meaning and interaction of words and produce high-quality sentences with proper structure. This tool is available at a relatively lower price compared to other web tools.

The Best Spinner

Much like other spinning tools, even this content spinner employs artificial intelligence techniques and cloud-based thesauri of multiple languages like German, French, Portuguese and of course, English. But the easy accessibility and the user-friendly interface set this spinning tool apart from other tools on the internet. It is the widely used spinning tool and it is capable of generating a multitude of articles within a matter of seconds.


The word replacement and auto-write functions make the job of rephrasing the sentences much simpler and quicker.

It allows the user to select few words as their favorite or it automatically marks the most used synonym as favorites and provides a facility to replace them all with just a click.

It also employs the features of other websites like Copyscape in order to help you make sure that your article is unique on the web. This is done by cross-referencing your article with other contents in the web.

It also displays the word count and uniqueness percentage and also provides grammar checks.

Chimp Rewriter

This is one of those spinning tools which deals with the big players on the internet like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. This is built on artificial intelligence techniques and an intensive natural language analysis by top professors and students of the Ivy League colleges. Hence this has a strong technical backing and it is trusted by most of the successful SEO professionals. This tool understands the content like a human and rephrase words accordingly.


It understands the necessity for manual rewriting to get a top rank and performs it a high speed in combination with smart semantic automatic rewriting. Hence this tool has become the most efficient and unique at what it does.

It has a unique feature where it fetches contents from the web for the user when they do not have any content o begin with. It also composes the content with multimedia elements like video and images and makes it look more attractive and informative.

It also provides instant access to other support channels through its desk itself which keeps the door open to get more help.

X Spinner

This is the only application programming interface which provides content spinning at great speeds and low price. It also offers unlimited amounts of spinning and is capable of utilizing other spinning interfaces like WordAI and SpinRewritter.


This is the best spinner which can utilize a third party server integrated with your own software and server.

X-Spinner can currently be used with a lot of software like WordAI and SpinRewriter which destroys the need to create an account on those spinning servers. This is available at a relatively lower price and makes it the most popular in the business.

It employs a statistical replacement technology and artificial intelligence in coherence with Natural language methods. This allows the tool to generate unique contents close to what can be done by a human.

It also uses a similar cloud-based thesaurus system which is bound to evolve in the course of time and with the increase in the number of users.

Kontent Machine

This is one of the best content generators in the online market. It allows the user to create an unlimited number of articles and content to your website or blog and enhance your SEO ranking. This is viewed as both time and money saver as it offers a wide range of features and at a nominal price. It also allows the user to export the content to be used in your link building software and generate a better SEO.


It helps you come up with a unique article or content that can be used campaigning via backlinking.

It also helps the user find new and interesting article topics from various article directories like Article Alley, Article Base, EzineArticles, etc.

With the help of this content generating tool, now there is no need to write contents manually or pay someone to write them. It is capable of generating the whole content on the given topic that can attract a good amount of traffic.

SEO Content Machine

SEO content machine is a software that is available on the internet fulfilling the purpose of content generation. In order to use this software, it has to be downloaded from the internet and installed on your device. It generates articles and allows the user to insert links and multimedia elements and mix the article’s phrases and sentences similar to every other content paraphrase tool. It has a very straightforward interface which will guide you through its features.


It makes use of the link building technology and creates articles that work around the targeted keyword in order to generate more web traffic towards your website.

It also allows you to search and download contents, images and other necessary elements from the software interface itself.

It has a content wizard which is especially useful for the newcomers and also hosts an integrated platform with Copyscape and a free content spinner. This helps in making sure that your article is unique on the web.

Article Forge

This is considered to be the smartest article writer tool in the web and uses complex algorithms and artificial intelligence in order to provide content which seems to be done by a human but not. It produces high-quality content thanks to its sophisticated system programming and these are perfect to be used as a link building contents


The article forge software reads a large of articles on a variety of topics from the web. This makes it very capable of writing content on any topic and making it seem like a manually re-written one.

The technology used here allow the software to come up with contents on its own and these remain unique in the web.

It is capable of automatically adding appropriate titles and subheadings along with required images and multimedia elements in order to make the content more informative and attractive.

It comes with a 5-day free trial and a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this generator. Hence this is beneficial even from the cost aspect.

Article Builder

This produces high-quality contents which are built around the topic that is needed. It also comes up with the contents which suit your keyword choice and helps your SEO. the service of this tools covers a wide range of topics and helps you fetch contents from other servers also.


All the topics are spun with high efficiency and are all human edited which makes the perfect version of themselves that has high grades of readability and grammatical stability.

It is the bitter truth that none of the articles which are manually written, rewritten or generated using tools can be 100% unique. The article builder tool understands that and promises a uniqueness percentage of above 75%. It usually ends up providing contents that more than 90% unique.

This also comes with an advanced blogging tool which automatically posts the content generated by your WordPress blogs according to your schedule. This is one of its unique smart feature.


This is one of most recognized content generating tool which has had its place in the popular new publications like Techcrunch. It can generate contents on any topic that is provided and also according to the word limit that has been set previously by the user. This is a product of an Israeli startup which is able to proofread and create unique high-quality content. The work of this tool will look similar to that done by a human.


It also offers you with the choice between better readability and uniqueness. According to the choice made by the user, the content will be generated in order to provide SEO benefits

It will generate different contents on the same topics every time. This is enough testimony for the range of uniqueness it provides you with.

It comes up with a unique content within 2 minutes with just 5 keywords of request and charges 2$ for the job.

SEO Article Generator

This is an online WebApp and requires nothing to install in order to use it. Hence it works on any device and its features and service can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. It provides high-quality contents at an affordable price and also it has a 100% free version with few limitations.


It is very quick in delivering the rewritten article and it happens within a span of 5 seconds. It can be also be considered as the fastest SEO and content service provider on the web.

It is also connected to Google, as it picks up the comments placed on your articles and uses these data to fetch your blog or website a higher rank in the search engine.

The features of this app are completely oriented with SEO and helping the user to attain a higher rank in the search results. Hence this is also considered as the ultimate WebApp which is capable of providing all the SEO services at one place.


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